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Introductory and Activity Information

Hello, Guest! This is a page detailing the probationary membership period. This is a one month trial period that all accepted applicants go through to make sure that the applicant can become an active member of RS.

Probationary members have the following goals to complete:

  1. ⚫ Compete any 2 of the following tasks:

    1. A) Achieve 275+ rating.
    2. B) Finish Top 3 in RS Internal Ladder.
    3. C) Finish Top 10 in Score.
    4. D) Achieve 2nd place or better in 3 tournaments.

  2. ⚫ Play 10 games with any RS Members.

  3. ⚫ Be active on the forums and our Telegram chat room.

Please keep in mind that the completion of these goals will be heavily considered by members during the full membership voting after probation is over.
Please download Telegram Messanger from the app/google play store to your mobile device or computer in order to better communincate with RS members. The use of Telegram plays a vital role for probationary members chances of getting into RS.

During probation, you can also do any of the following to help you improve, have fun and get to know RS members and the SE Community:

If you need help or have any questions about Shadow Era, always feel free to ask RS members using the pubilc and general chat (members only) sections of the forums or ask us on Telegram. Also, please contact RandomGuy if you have any questions related to Probation.

Helpful Deckbuilding Tips and Decks

This section will contain small deckbuilding tips as well as decks to help novice probationary members reach the 250 rating goal during probation. Any probationary member is always free to use any deck he or she'd like for their probation period, even their own.

You should definately consider these tips when building a deck:

  • ⚫ Try to keep a minimum of 40 cards (39 + Hero) to maximize your decks efficiency and the probability of drawing the cards you need.
  • ⚫ Having 4 copies of a card in your deck will increase the probability of you drawing the card.
  • ⚫ Never put cards in a deck with the intention of sacrificing them. All cards should serve a purpose within your deck and should only be sacrificed depending on aspects of the game, such as your opponent's deck and board control.

For more specific deck-building help, please post your decks in the general section of the forums or ask RS members on Telegram.

Listed below are a few decks that you can use to help you reach a rating of 250.

Deck Difficulty: Easy

Allies - 18 Abilities - 18 Items - 3

Ironhide Karash x4
Rampant Krygon x3
Deathmage Thaddeus x3
Eternal Troll x4
Phoenix Urigon x4

Sacrificial Lamb x3
Fireball x4
Lightning Strike x4
Transmogrification Curse x2
Supernova x4
Ley Line Nexus x1

Tome of Knowledge x3


  • ⚫ Try to bring your opponent to about 15 health and then do your best to control board while using burn on the opposing hero.
  • - Be aware that certain heroes and decks will heal and use health-buffing cards such as Soul Reaper and Enrage.
  • ⚫ T2 Karash followed by T3 DMT is your strongest opening going first.
  • ⚫ Don't sacrifice LLN when going up against Rogues and Hunters and save it for a potential Spelleaters Bands.

Deck Difficulty: Medium

Allies - 19 Abilities - 12 Items - 8

Ironhide Karash x4
Brimstone Devourer x4
Rampant Krygon x4
Deathmage Thaddeus x3
Falseblood Cultist x4

Soul Reaper x2
Shadow Font x4
Mind Control x4
Ley Line Nexus x2

Antimatter x4
Shadowvein x2
Soulbound Armor x2


  • ⚫ Always keep at least 1 Soul reaper in your hand to heal when you need to.
  • ⚫ Use Antimatter to throw allies into your graveyard for maximum value of Soul Reaper.
  • ⚫ Save Mind Control to be able to kill opponent's fatties.

Deck Difficulty: Hard

Allies - 23 Abilities - 6 Items - 10

Aldon the Brave x3

Layarian Seductress x4

Sabreen, Hand of Unaxio x4

Sorcerer of Endia x2

Deepwood Bobcat x4

General of Unaxio x3

Viska, The Scarlet Blade x3

Hunter's Gambit x4

Ley Line Nexus x2

Snare Trap x4

Soul Seeker x2

Spirit Shuriken x2

Spelleater Bands x2


  • ⚫ Sabreen discard ability helps to discard gambit on hand in order to combo with Victor’s ability.
  • ⚫ General of Unaxio is there to fetch gambit, your only draw engine.
  • ⚫ Always take note of your top hunter card in your graveyard. Most of the time
    you want to have gambit on the top. Be careful that bobcat may interfere with retrieving a gambit.
  • ⚫ Snare Trap is always your best Turn 2 play, no matter going first or second.
    The transition from T2 Snare Trap to T3 Sabreen to T4 Aldon(going first)/Seductress(going second) + Sabreen ability is a strong play.
  • ⚫ Sorcerer of Endia is the tech for warriors. Target their Blood Frenzy or Enrage.
  • ⚫ Spelleater Bands is the tech for mages/Zalader. Bait their Ley Line Nexus with your Soul Seeker and drop the Bands at late game.


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