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East vs. West Showdown

RS PhillipW 🔥 [-]
RS Seadog [2]
RS Purple Emoji [1]
RS Hello [1]
RS Gloriously [-]
RS Flameborn [-]
RS BlackyMB [-]
RS RandomGuy [-]
RS SubZeroFlame [-]
IamDinoz [3]

[-] = No Change in Standing

[(n)▲] = Moved up by (number)

[(n)▼] = Moved down by (number)

🔥 = Win Streak


PiercingSerenity: Not sure how often the activity checks are to determine if this is relevant to me, but I have been inactive for a long time. Just started becoming a bit more active in the last couple of days Oct 26, 2018 15:32:51 GMT